Marketing Canada Abroad 

We Are Inspired By Life !

We are driven by our restless desire to ensure people make the most of life. Our wide range of green products are developed with the needs of customers in mind and innovations will be driven by our desire to understand how they're used. We are a real brand, with real products, for real people.

  • CanaTec, founded in Montreal Canada in 1999, is among the leading companies and registered trademarks to promote Canadian products and services worldwide, and introducing international new top Tech into Canada.
  • With its special advanced system, CanaTec today provides quality services to more customers all around the world.
  • CanaTec is a highly technology driven company. Our main focus is customers satisfaction, and we are committed to our society and environment. We will be pleased to associate ourselves with the development process in Canada.
  • Our aim is to achieve optimum success by maximizing the value of our local and international services and by installing a feeling of complete satisfaction in all of our clients continuously.
  • Our objective is to develop a business based on quality, as we work hard to market all the technical skills and expertise, in order to sustain our growth and fulfill our ambitions.


Computers, Computer Monitors, Computer Printers, Computer Hardware, Electrical Control Systems, Electric Action Toys, Electric Motors For Machines, Cameras (Photographic), Cameras (Video), Photo-Engravings, Ovenware, Ovens For Cooking (Microwave), Freezers, Refrigerators, Coffee Makers For Domestic Use (Electric), Toasters (Electric), Grills (Barbecue), Hair Dryers (Hand Held Electric), Toothbrushes (Electric), Lighting Fixtures (Electric), Telephones, Telephones (Cellular), Television Sets, Recording (Video), Smoke Detectors, Jeans, Trousers, Skirts, Shirts, T-Shirts, Shorts, Thermal Underwear, Shoes, Perfume, Perfume Oils, Make Up (Eye), Make Up (Face), Lipstick, Nail Polish, Nails (False), Skin Cream, Hair Conditioners, Hair Dye, Hair Color Removers, Hair Gel, Hair Spray, Shampoo (Hair), Skin Soap, Detergents (Laundry), Detergent Soap 


Management (Waste), Waste Treatment, Water Treatment, Testing And Consultation (Consumer Product Safety), Marketing Services Namely (Advertising, Publishing, Exhibitions, Promotions, Arranging For Distribution Of Products), Exhibitions For [Marketing Goods And Services], (Organizing), Advertising (Cooperative), Publishing (Desktop), Newspapers (Publication), Magazines (Publication Of Periodical Marketing Or LifeStyle Magazines)